How Do I Get Abortion Pills In Canada?

How Do I Get Abortion Pills In Canada?

Do women know that the abortion pill is also available online? If no then the answer to this question is Yes, it is available online and as it is easily available online you can buy abortion pills online and easily pay the price of pills and shipping and get the medicine at your doorstep. There are numerous doubts and questions about it, so in this blog, we will cover some of the most frequently asked questions about the availability of abortion pills in Canada.

What is Mifepristone?

Mifepristone is also known as Mifegymiso in other places in the world,  it is an important medicine for medical abortion and it is taken in combination with another drug called Misoprostol. 

There are several pharmaceutical companies that are making generic brands which are called MTP Kit These both medicines can be used to terminate the pregnancies of up to 8 weeks.

MTP Kit is a package that comprises of 2 drugs

1:Mifepristone which blocks the pregnancy from continuing and

2: Misoprostol expels the pregnancy tissue.

How to consume the abortion pills?

MTP Kit comes in a box with 1 Mifepristone tablet of 200 mg and 4 Misoprostol tablets 200 mcg (total 800 mcg dosage). 

So first you need to take one Mifepristone tablet orally with water and then post 24 to 48 hours, but within 48 hours take the 4 Misoprostol tablets by placing them between your gums and cheeks and keeping them for 30 minutes so that it can dissolve with the help of saliva.

You can also take Misoprostol tablets vaginally by placing 4 pills in the vagina. If you are taking the pills vaginally then it should also be kept for at least 30 minutes so that it gets absorbed properly. After taking both the pills the pregnancy tissue will begin to release within 2 hours to 24 hours. Even if Canada just validated Mifepristone, it’s been used in several countries over the world from few years.

Where can you buy an abortion pill?

You can buy abortion pills online on various online pharmaceutical websites. Pregnancy termination with abortion pills can be recommended to women who are up to 8 weeks pregnant. You can get this medicine with a valid prescription from any clinician who has taken the practice to administer the drug. This could be from a sexual health care providers, some dedicated abortion providers, and possibly even your family practitioner. You can even purchase it from certified and trusted online pharmacy

What are the side effects of abortion pills?

MTP Kit with Mifepristone and Misoprostol is a medical abortion procedure which also contains some side-effects and affects women differently.

Common side effects include;

  • Headache
  • Dizziness, vomiting or nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Breast tenderness
  • Hot flushes or chills
  • Fever
  • Cramping and severe bleeding

Make sure to consult your clinician if you observe any symptoms that you are worried about.

How can you know if the abortion pill is right for you?

This is difficult to predict if the abortion pills are right for you or not but there are some conditions in which your medical practitioner can tell you if the abortion pills are not right for you. So there are some pros and cons that you can consider while deciding whether if the abortion pill is right for you.

  • Some people choose medical abortion because you can do it privately and at an early stage of pregnancy. You can easily do it at home or in some place where you feel more comfortable.
  • There is a small possibility that the procedure may take up to a few days or weeks to get complete. There is also a rare chance that the abortion pill may not show its effect, in such cases surgical abortion is required.

Canada experiencing shortage of abortion pill amid COVID-19 outbreak, This shortage will make it difficult for women to access abortion without risking exposure to coronavirus.

Order abortion pills Online without clinic visits

Questions and Answers On Generic RU 486

Questions and Answers On Generic RU 486

There are many abortion pills that are known to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Generic RU 486 is one of them. However, not all women have all the information about this medication. Hence, this blog has gathered all possible questions of women regarding Generic RU 486 and answers all of them briefly. 

What is Generic RU 486?

The Generic RU 486 is an abortion pill which is used in the process of medical pregnancy termination. The pill is approved by eminent healthcare providers and medical authorities. 

When should you take Generic RU 486? 

Women who conceive with normal pregnancy and wish to end it at home can take Generic RU 486. However, one has to have a prescription to buy Generic RU 486. Also, the pill has certain eligibility criteria which is as follow: 

  • The pregnancy is into the first trimester up to 9 weeks of gestation 
  • The pregnancy is growing inside the uterus 
  • The woman is not allergic to the components of the Generic RU 486 abortion pill 

Where can you get the pill? 

The Generic RU 486 abortion pill can be easily made available at the local pharma stores. If you cannot find the pill at the local store, you can also find it online. There are many online pharmacies that offer Generic RU 486 at affordable costs. 

How much should be the consumption of Generic RU 486? 

For a pregnancy, which is up to 9 weeks of the gestation period, one pill of Generic RU 486 with 200 mg power is enough to work it out. 

How should you consume it? 

The consumption method of Generic RU 486 is quite simple. You have to take it orally with a glass of water. The pill is expected to consume on the first day of the medical abortion procedure. 

Can Generic RU 486 end an unwanted pregnancy alone?

No. Though Generic RU 486 is known to be an abortion pill, it cannot end the unwanted pregnancy alone. The pill does expel pregnancy tissues from the body. For this, the user requires the consumption of a prostaglandin medication such as Misoprostol or Cytolog. 

Hence, for a complete medical abortion procedure, the woman is required to have one pill of Generic RU 485 along with four pills of any of the prostaglandin medicines. 

How does Generic RU 486 work? 

The Generic RU 486 abortion pill contains certain components that work against the progesterone hormones in the body. These hormones are responsible for the development of the fetus. By working against these hormones, the medicine stops pregnancy growth. 

Also, the tablet also separates the pregnancy tissues from the uterus. It takes place within 24 hours after the pill consumption. The pill starts functioning within 3-4 hours after its consumption. 

What are the after-effects of Generic RU 486? 

The user may not experience any major after effect after the pill consumption. The symptoms of the medical abortion procedure start showing after the second pill consumption. However, in rare cases, women may experience cramping and slight bleeding. 

Though the case is rare, it is not an abnormal sign. In such a case, women are told to continue the medical pregnancy termination procedure by taking the second medication. 

What are the side effects of Generic RU 486? 

There aren’t any major side effects of Generic RU 486. Most women encounter the continued symptoms of pregnancy, such as nausea, weakness, bloated breasts, etc. It is after taking the second medication that the side effects of abortion pills begin to show. All the side effects of Generic RU 486 are temporary, and none of them get severe. Having said that, if you find any abnormal side effect of Generic RU 486, you are requested to inform your healthcare provider immediately. 

Why Medical Abortion Is Important for Women

Failure of contraception or unprotected sexual intercourse indeed leads to unwanted pregnancy. However, what are the actual reasons is a normal question that society asks. There can be many reasons why a woman chooses to do abortion or why she chooses to end her pregnancy medically. Nevertheless, society should understand her situation behind making such a decision. 

This blog helps you understand why medical abortion is considered important for women. 

Why do women choose to abort their pregnancy: 

Financial problems: 

Raising a child does not just mean that you have to give birth and basic facilities. Every parent wishes that their baby should get adequate facilities and fulfill their dreams. Due to financial inadequacies, an unplanned pregnancy can become a problem.

Educational and career problems: 

Women choose to abort their pregnancy if it is coming in completing their education. Similarly, it is also seen that women give priority to their careers. As a result, pregnancy becomes a hurdle in the way of their career success path.

Relationship problems: 

Often, pregnancy is seen as a problem when there are problems going on in the couple. It also happens when the pregnancy is not from the same partner. In such cases, the woman does not feel comfortable with raising the child. Hence, she chooses abortion. 


Brutal, but a sad reality is a rape. If the pregnancy is continued in such cases, it can majorly affect the child’s and mother’s mental health. Hence, most women see abortion as a way to move on in life and leave behind the brutal past of rape incidence. 

What is medical abortion method: 

Medical abortion is when a combination of two pregnancy termination medicines are used for ending an unwanted pregnancy in its first trimester. It primarily involves two medicines, Mifepristone and Misoprostol. These two abortion pills make hormonal changes in the body and get the abortion done at home within a few days. 

Since this is a non-invasive technique of ending an unwanted pregnancy, no surgical instruments are used. The chances of infection risks are rare. Women experience the changes on the inside. They include pain in the abdominal area and heavy vaginal bleeding. With these two symptoms, the pregnancy successfully gets terminated within one week or more. 

Why is medical abortion method chosen by most women: 

  • It lets her have privacy: 

If one sees stats, it is observed that most fatal cases in abortions due to unsafe measures. A woman takes such measures when she does not receive guidance or when she’s too scared to share the case with anyone. Medical abortion, on the other hand, is one of the safest ways of abortion, which can be performed at home. 

  • It is affordable

Unlike other methods of abortion, it lets women end her pregnancy within her financial budget. In fact, when she buys abortion pills online, she does not even have to spend money on travel. She can get affordable medicines right at her home. 

  • No long term side effects

Though the price is seen as a key factor in deciding the method of pregnancy termination, her health is equally important. Since medical abortion method is a safe procedure ending an unwanted pregnancy,

  • Online help

Most women shy away from talking about their unwanted pregnancy struggle. If a woman has chosen an online pharmacy option to get the medication, she can also easily get online medical help regarding the abortion procedure. Here, she can freely share her problems and fight with them correctly with the guidance of online healthcare experts.   

Hence medical abortion is an important procedure for a woman who is dealing with an unwanted pregnancy. 

Some Important Questions and Answers on Mifeprex

What is Mifeprex and what is the working mechanism?

Mifeprex, also known as Mifepristone is a drug that blocks a hormone named progesterone that is required for a pregnancy to advance and grow. Mifeprex, when used with another pill called Misoprostol is used to end an early gestation (63 days or less since the 1st day of the last menstrual cycle).

Does Mifeprex have a generic version?

The FDA approved a generic version of Mifeprex. It is known as Mifepristone tablet, 200 mg. It is therapeutically similar to Mifeprex and can be safely used as a substitute for Mifeprex. The certified generic product is also indicated for the medical termination of the intrauterine pregnancy within 63 days of gestation.

Who should not consume Mifeprex?

Women should not consume Mifeprex if it has been more than 63 days since the 1st day of the last period or if she has the following pregnancy or medical issues;

  • If a woman has an ectopic pregnancy (which means pregnancy outside the uterus)
  • If she has long-term corticosteroid therapy
  • Has issues with adrenal glands (the glands near the kidney)
  • Has an allergic issue to Misoprostol and Mifepristone 
  • Has issues such as bleeding problems or inherited porphyria
  • Intake of anticoagulant (blood-thinning) drugs
  • Has an (IUD) intrauterine device in place (it should be taken out before taking the Mifeprex)

This information applies equally to all the generic versions of Mifeprex.

Where can women get Mifeprex?

Mifeprex is granted directly to online healthcare providers who qualify for certain qualifications. It is only accessible in certain healthcare settings, specifically in medical offices, clinics, and hospitals, by or under the supervision of a medical expert. It is not easily accessible in retail pharmacies. These requirements also apply to the generic versions.

What are the possible side effects of the abortion pill?

Cramping and bleeding are some common expected effects of the treatment. In some conditions, severe vaginal bleeding will stop within a day or two, however, if in case the bleeding won’t slow down then a surgical procedure is required to stop the bleeding. Other common side effects of the treatment include dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting, fever chills, headache, diarrhea, in the 1st two days after consuming the abortion pills.

Is it possible for a woman to get pregnant again after taking the abortion pills?

Yes, it is possible for a woman to get pregnant again soon after the abortion. If a woman who has ended a pregnancy does not want to become pregnant again then it is recommended to take necessary precautions after the pregnancy termination. A woman should consult with the health care expert regarding any particular queries. This information equally applies to Mifeprex and the other authorized generic version of Mifeprex. 

What should medical experts look for in women who have an intake of Mifeprex?

All providers of medical abortion and emergency health care centers should examine the possibility of sepsis in women who are experiencing medical abortion and have nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, or weakness with or without abdominal pain. These symptoms, even without high fever, can lead to a serious infection. Strong attention should be given to observe a complete blood count in these patients. 

Notable leukocytosis with a hemoconcentration and marked leftward shift may be indicative of sepsis. This information employs equally to Mifeprex and all the approved versions of the Mifeprex pill.

Can you buy Mifeprex online?

Yes, you can easily buy Mifeprex online as it has been approved in various countries since 1998. 

You can easily buy it online with the help of a valid prescription.

What You Should Know About Abortion and Mental Health

Attention to mental health and emotional well-being is an important part of quality health care. However, mental health can become politicized in relation to abortion rights. Understanding the relationship between abortion and mental health requires paying attention to clinical mental health conditions such as depression, substance abuse, and suicidal ideation, as well as feelings and emotions such as relief and sadness. Policies related to mental health and abortion should be based on the best scientific evidence available and also be sensitive to the needs of those seeking an abortion.

Giving attention to emotional well-being and mental health is a significant element of quality health care. Although, emotional wellness can become politicized in connection to abortion rights. Understanding the link between abortion and psychological health requires concentrating on clinical psychological health conditions.

Abortion is considered as a distressing and difficult phase for a woman. It can cause various mental, as well as physical harm to a woman, experiencing abortion. It can lead to problems such as depression, anxiety and can also lead to a traumatic life event.

A result of an investigation into the psychological indications of abortion is ambiguous, and this has derived in many discussions, possibly because the subject is controversial on ethical, political and social grounds.

A recent study concluded that depression and anxiety symptoms are the most common unfavorable response and prospective of understanding of medical abortion should be increased to avoid such issues.

How to recover after an abortion?

Abortion is general in certain parts of the world. With an average of 5 out of 12 women have an abortion by the age of 45. There are 2 types of abortion, one is known as medical abortion and the other is surgical abortion. Mostly women prefer ending the pregnancy in an early stage with medical abortion. As after completing the gestation period, surgical abortion is the only option to abort the pregnancy.

In case if you undergo a surgical abortion or go for medical abortion it is necessary to take care of yourself as well as your mental health during the procedure. An abortion that takes under the guidance of a licensed medical care professional is usually a safe procedure with no or fewer complications. Although, many women will observe some side effects which include light vaginal bleeding, abdominal cramps, sore breast, nausea, fatigue, etc. 

What things you should do to take care of your mental health after an abortion?

After your medical abortion, your general practitioner will guide you with specific self-care instructions. However, these are not enough to lower the unpleasant side effects.

To lower side effects and improve your comfort after an abortion you can;

  • Keep yourself hydrated especially during diarrhea or vomiting
  • If possible stay at home for a week so that you can take enough rest and recover faster
  • Use heating pads which can lower down the cramps
  • Have a support system with you as some women experience emotional shifts due to extreme hormone change and an emergency center nearby in case of emergency.
  • Give a massage to your abdomen to ease cramps
  • If the cramps are unbearable then ask your medical expert for pain reliever tablets.
  • Wear a tight-fitting bra to soothe breast tenderness.
  • Follow a proper diet and do not involve oily or fatty food.
  • Use big sanitary pads and do not use tampons or vaginal cups for a few days.
  • Meet a friend or watch your favorite movie or show to keep your mind diverted.
  • Take proper follow-up with your medical practitioner to avoid future complications.

Few Points On A Do it yourself Abortion Care

Few Points On A DIY Abortion Care

Medical termination is recognized as an effective, safe, and less invasive method of pregnancy termination. In fact, it is very safe then surgical abortion. 

Although, it’s normal for a woman to feel anxiety, guilt, and fear as she steps forward for a medical abortion. Whether it’s her first time or whether the abortion is in a clinic or home, she can be unsure about what to expect during the abortion procedure. Thus, here are some clear steps that a woman can take to boost comfort and ease stress.

1- Be familiar with what to expect: To reduce the feeling of fear make sure to do your research before the pregnancy termination. Being knowledgeable about what to expect will keep you alert in advance knowing that you can observe bleeding, cramping as the symptoms can scare you if you are not alert or familiar.

2- Get Forward of cramping: Cramping is an unavoidable part of medical abortion. It indicates that the deep part of the uterus is operating to expel the pregnancy tissue. Some painkillers are good to handle and cope up with the pain so you can ask your medical practitioner to guide you with the medications to reduce the pain and cramping.

3- Stock up on the Menstrual Pads: Excessive bleeding is common during a medical abortion. So during your medical abortion, it is recommended to avoid using menstrual cups, or tampons and use big sanitary pads instead. Having enough pads can be a benefit as some days you may experience heavy bleeding which can soak 2-3 pads in a day also it is common to experience blood flow for 2 weeks after a medical abortion.

4- Keep yourself Hydrated: It is necessary to stay hydrated during a medical abortion. Water, hot soups and refreshments can be a good option. If you are feeling queasy then consider drinking cold coffee or crushed ice to remedy your stomach and keep the liquids down.  

5- Prefer Comforting and easy foods: To maintain your energy and keep your stomach settled stick to light bland food. Do not eat greasy meals, spicy, salty, etc. go for snacks like toast, crackers, or simple broths, etc.

6- Warmness everywhere: Any women who often deal with painful menstrual cramps can tell you that a warm water bottle or heating pads applied to the belly can give a calm and warming effect to your belly. Applying warmth to your belly region can lower the cramping and discomfort. Make sure that you do not apply too much heat directly to the skin as it will burn, it should be calm,

7- Get yourself A Private space: Not every woman has access to a private place during their medical abortion. So try to find a place where you can rest for a few hours with no interruption. Staying in calm, the quiet area will help you to relax during the abortion process. A favorite tv show, a good movie, or an engaging podcast will also assist you to pass the time and reduce stress. 

8- A Trusted Companion can be helpful: Some women may feel alone and experience feeling such as guilt, anxiety, sadness, etc. so it is advised to keep a trusted companion with you during the process. An extra care can be help to combat the feeling of loneliness. If the person can not be physically present then ask them to stay in contact through call or be present as soon as possible in case of an emergency.

Do Medical Abortion Affect Future Fertility?

Do Medical Abortion Affect Future Fertility?

Does Abortion affect future fertility?

If any woman is planning to do an abortion with medicines, then it’s normal to question future fertility. Some questions which hit her are; Will a pregnancy termination makes it complicated to get pregnant in the future? Will pregnancy termination leads to birth deformities or complications in the succeeding pregnancy? So in this blog, we will solve these common queries to make it easier for women to go for abortion confidently. 

The quick and precise answer is No, a medical termination will not make it harder to conceive later. Also, medical termination won’t impact the health, risk or viability of the future. In fact, when women have a secure and safe medical abortion, they can have numerous abortion as needed without any progressed risk to future fertility.

How do abortion pills operate?

To clarify why an abortion with medicines does not harm future pregnancy, let’s first understand how abortion with pills works.

The 2 competent abortion pills are known as Mifepristone and Misoprostol. These 2 tablets are used to end the pregnancy by hindering the production of important gestation hormones and creating contractions in the uterus.

Once a woman consumes abortion pills, she will experience cramps and vaginal bleeding within 2 hours to 24 hours. This is common and it’s the natural process of expelling the early gestation. Many women feel it like a natural miscarriage as the process will terminate the pregnancy in the same manner as a miscarriage.

Abortion pills do not alter a women’s reproductive system permanently in any way they additionally work in a very confined time period. This is a reason why an abortion pill will not affect future pregnancy or fertility.

However, there are a few risks that can be experienced with any medical procedure. But the dangers linked with medical abortion are very inadequate. In very rare cases (i.e  0.4%) of all requires hospitalization or emergency treatment.

Knowing how to consume pills safely is important for women who plan to go for medical abortion. It is also vital to know what to expect after taking the pills and what are the symptoms of side effects and other severe complications. So all this information is available on our website you can refer to it on our site.

When can a woman get pregnant again after having a medical abortion with abortion pills?

This one can confuse you: opposed to the known belief, women can become pregnant again almost quickly after having a medical abortion even if they are still bleeding.

If all happens down to a woman’s fertility cycle. Once a woman is not pregnant her body may promptly continue its regular cycle (in some cases, it can take a little time for the body to come back to normal. This depends on lots of circumstances and varies from individuals.

It is completely possible for a woman’s body to discharge an egg ( this process is called ovulation) quickly after the abortion. Ovulation is the process when a woman is most fertile, and if she indulges in sex around this time there is a chance of getting pregnant. 

Thus, if a person would like to prevent pregnancy in the coming future, then they can immediately prefer to start contraception soon after the abortion. You can consult the medical practitioner so that he can guide you with the best contraception.

Are Abortion Pills Safe For Everyone?

Abortion with pills is an effective and safe option for terminating a pregnancy. In fact, the WHO (world health organization) has stated that medical abortion with an abortion pill is very effective and safe if the pills are taken in combination and within 9 weeks of ongoing pregnancy.

However, it’s widely identified as efficacy and safety, many women still wonder if they can also have a safe abortion with the abortion pill and they might also wonder are abortion pills safe for me? Are there any methods to be practiced or special things to be considered beforehand?  Etc.

Just like other medicines, there are certain guidelines to follow while selecting if the medical abortion is the correct decision for you. So here we outline a few common matters and considerations that emerge when planning safe alternatives. 

Pregnancy termination with abortion pill and gestational age:

Though a medical abortion is a risk-free method of pregnancy termination, it can also be dangerous if you do not follow the proper protocols. Also, the misuse of medicines can endanger the success of pregnancy termination and the safety of the woman.

The proper guidelines for safe abortion with medications are concluded by the length of pregnancy which can also be defined as gestational age. The longer pregnancy period it becomes more unstable for the body to abort the pregnancy. Thus, the dosage of medication has to be modified depending on the length of the pregnancy. So after concluding your pregnancy period, you can buy abortion pill from an online pharmacy.

Pregnancy termination with pills and ectopic pregnancy:

Pregnancies are generally formed inside the womb, also known as uterus. However, on certain occasions, pregnancy can start to progress outside the uterus. This is known as ectopic pregnancy. As the abortion pills work by operating on the uterus, they will not help to terminate the pregnancy that is developing outside the uterus. Thus, medical abortion is not an effective or safe way to terminate an ectopic pregnancy.

In case, if you are diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy, your medical expert will guide you about the surgical methods of abortion. An ectopic pregnancy is not feasible and can be a life-threatening risk to a woman’s safety. Thus, it is important to diagnose an ectopic pregnancy and get it terminated even where abortion is restricted.

Pregnancy termination with pill after former abortion or cesarean section:

Many women wonder if it is secure for them to have a pregnancy termination with pills if they already had an abortion or if they had a cesarean section from a former birth. The response to both questions is yes. It is still unharmed to have a pregnancy termination with pills following both the events. There is no requirement to adjust the rules women with either of these medicinal histories can follow the same protocols as everyone else.

Pregnancy termination with pills while breastfeeding:

In spite of the stories, it’s essential to identify that a significant number attempting an abortion already have children. In fact, a study has shown that 60% of all women who already had an abortion can be currently breastfeeding and has a query if the abortion with pills is a secure option during breastfeeding.  Medical abortion can cause diarrhea in nursing infants, though it does not mean women who are breastfeeding cannot use the pills cautiously. To avoid passing the medications through breastfeeding, it’s advised to feed the baby before taking the abortion pills. Then take the medicines as prescribed but wait for 4 hours before breastfeeding. This will give the medicine enough duration to be processed by your body and lessen the transfer through breastfeeding.

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